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Mountain Home Decor is a complete design resource centre that offers decor + design services that are customizable to suit your needs. Our professionally trained Design Consultants + Interior Designers are passionate about design and decor, and are focused on taking a personal approach to each project, big or small. We offer both in-store and in-home interior design and colour consultations, where we apply colour and design theories to improve flow, function, and balance while stimulating the senses. Our showroom places emphasis on COLOUR and showcases beautiful decor elements that are functional and fun. From colourful cushions to decor accents, custom furniture, wallpaper and custom window coverings, Mountain Home Decor has everything you need to transform your space.



This year we've been working hard to bring in brand new rug + lighting programs, as we want to provide our clients + customers with a variety of quality options to view in-store, as well as an even wider variety of products to order. With a wide selection of pendant lighting and area rugs varying in style and size, we've got you covered when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your living space.


We now have 30+ rug samples in-store, as well as 10+ full-size rugs available for purchase. These rugs range in price and fibre (from wool to cotton to jute to silk). What they have in common is their impeccable style + quality. When selecting an area rug for your home, we understand the importance of being able to see and feel the fibre, colour, and texture of the rug before making your decision. This is why we've brought in such a wide selection of rug samples, which we encourage you to take home to make sure the rug is the perfect fit for your space. We've also brought in several full-size rugs, if you prefer to take the rug home with you today. And of course, we've got access to hundreds more rug designs and sizes, which we can order in for you. Below is just a brief glimpse into the stunning rug collections we have been swooning over!


1. 'Mooken' Natural Cowhide Rug - 5'2" x 7'2" ($575 + tax)
2. 'Acolla' Woven Silk Rug - available in 5' x 8' ($315 + tax) and 8' x 10' ($625 + tax)
3. 'Bedford' Handwoven Wool Rug - available in various colours + sizes, ranging from 5'2" x 7'2" to 9' x 12' (and ranging in price from $725 to $2,125 + tax)
4. 'Henley' Pit Loom Rug - available in 5' x 8' ($625 + tax) and 8' x 10' ($1,250 + tax)
5. 'Britford' Flat Weave Cotton Rug - available in 5' x 8' ($498 + tax) and 8' x 10' ($998 + tax)
6. 'Angora II' Handloom Wool Rug - available in 5' x 8' ($875 + tax) and 8' x 10' ($1,750 + tax)

*All items are either available in-store, or available for order. Contact us for pricing information + availability!



Lighting can be an extremely difficult thing to source out + decide on, whether you are shopping online or browsing through different shops. We are thrilled to have our new suspended light fixture installed upstairs in our store this month, which features the 11 pendant lights pictured below! We selected a wide range of styles and sizes for our display models, to provide our clients + customers with a variety of options.

Whistler Lighting Program

1. 'Antonio' Globe Pendant Light - $248 + tax
2. 'Edmund' Concrete + Resin Pendant Light - $123 + tax
3. 'Cambridge' Matte Grey Pendant Light - $188 + tax
4. 'Maturin' Aluminum + Iron Pendant Light - $348 + tax
5. 'Crate' Wooden Pendant Light - $373 + tax
6. 'Pozzo' Metal + Glass Pendant Light - $223 + tax
7. 'Thames' Cement Pendant Light - $248 + tax
8. 'Empire' Gold Metal Pendant Light - $173 + tax
9. 'Falla' Black Concrete Pendant Light - $198 + tax
10. 'Watt' Concrete Pendant Light - $148 + tax
11. 'Hayton' Iron + Marble Pendant Light - $123 + tax

We are currently only stocking the display model of each pendant light pictured above, but we are able to order in whatever quantity you require (dependent on availability of course). If you have something specific in mind that you don't see here, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to help you find the perfect lighting for your home.